is the pseudonym of a loyal subject Chong Mong-Chu (1400) who was a famous poet and whose poem “I would not serve a second master thought I might be crucified a hundred time” is known to every Korean. He was also a pioneer in the field of physics. The diagram represents his unerring loyalty to the king and country towards the end of the Koryo Dynasty.

高句丽王朝的忠臣及诗人郑梦周的雅号。他的诗句「纵被折磨千百遍,决不侍奉二主人」 ,在韩国更是家喻户晓;此外他也是物理学的先驱。所以圃隐的演武线 「一」 代表他在高丽王朝末年,他对君主和国家的忠心耿耿。