2nd SEN Master Academy & CSK Taekwon‑Do Special Educational Needs & Invitational Taekwon‑Do Martial Arts Championship 2019 Nov 16 and 17, 2019 Atria Shopping Gallery

This Championship is jointly organised by SEN Master Academy and CSK Taekwon-Do, and is officially sanctioned by CHITF HQ and MyCHITF. The championship is an inclusive invitational championship for participants from both mainstream and special needs categories.


The events or categories being competed are:

i. 2 Special Educational Needs events
– Patterns
– Special Skills

ii. 4 Mainstream or standard events
– Individual Patterns
– Individual Free Sparring
– Team Patterns (5 members per team)
– Team Sparring (3 members per team)

A Championship Trophy will be presented to the Overall Best Club.

The championship and judging will be based on the Chan Hun International Taekwon-Do Federation rules and guidelines.

For more information, please refer to : https://www.kihapp.com/tournaments/6004-2nd-sen-master-academy-csk-taekwon-do-special-educational-needs-i