ITF Patterns

Patterns, or tul (틀) in Korean, originally called hyeong (형), form an important aspect of training in Taekwon-Do. ITF Patterns (tul) are performed in accordance with “The Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do” in 15 volumes written by General Choi Hong Hi. ITF Patterns also known as Chang Hon-style .

There are also three fundamental exercises, named Saju-Jirugi (Four Direction Punch), Saju-Makgi (Four Direction Block) and Saju Tulgi (Four Direction Thrust). Saju-Jirugi and Saju-Makgi are basic defence exercises taught to beginners of the martial art. Saju Tulgi is less well known and is generally taught to 2nd Kup students just prior to Hwa-Rang. Saju Tulgi is not presented in the Condensed Encyclopedia but is present in the 15 Volume Encyclopedia

The 24 patterns represent 24 hours, one day, or all of my life.

General Choi Hong Hi

The 24 Patterns (Chang-Hon Patterns) in Taekwon-Do ITF are:

1천지Chon-Ji199th gupYellow tip
2단군Dan-Gun218th gupYellow belt
3도산Do-San247th gupGreen tip
4원효Won-Hyo286th gupGreen belt
5율곡Yul-Gok385th gupBlue tip
6중근Joong-Gun324th gupBlue belt
7퇴계Toi-Gye373rd gupRed tip
8화랑Hwa-Rang292nd gupRed belt
9충무Choong-Moo301st gupBlack tip
10광개Kwang-Gae391st dan1st Degree Black Belt
11포은Po-Eun361st dan1st Degree Black Belt
12계백Ge-Baek441st dan1st Degree Black Belt
13의암Eui-Am452nd dan2nd Degree Black Belt
14충장Choong-Jang522nd dan2nd Degree Black Belt
15주체Juche (formerly Ko-Dang)452nd dan2nd Degree Black Belt
16삼일Sam-Il333rd dan3rd Degree Black Belt
17유신Yoo-Sin683rd dan3rd Degree Black Belt
18최영Choi-Yong463rd dan3rd Degree Black Belt
19연개Yeon-Gae494th dan4th Degree Black Belt
20을지Ul-Ji424th dan4th Degree Black Belt
21문무Moon-Moo614th dan4th Degree Black Belt
22서산So-San725th dan5th Degree Black Belt
23세종Se-Jong245th dan5th Degree Black Belt
24통일Tong-Il566th dan6th Degree Black Belt